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  1. New to forum and find it so very helpful.

    Does anyone know anything about the Northeastern University CRNA Program--interview process, number of students in program,.... anything? I am not from that area and haven't gotten much info from the website, but love the idea of living/studying in Boston. Thanks!
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  3. by   fotografe
    I am looking at that program also, but can't give you anything yet. I do know that clinicals are done at New England Medical Center, and I was a bit put off by this statement on the NEMC website:

    The Department hosts a School of Nurse Anesthesia which is affiliated with Northeastern University. The presence of nurse anesthetists enhances the residency program in three major aspects:

    1. Residents learn to work with nurses in a team environment similar to most practice arrangements.
    2. Nurse anesthetists participate in "break-out" relief for residents to attend teaching conferences and they reduce call frequency through participation in second call responsibilities.
    3. Case allocations favor resident assignment to complex anesthetics. While residents are exposed to all types of surgery and anesthetic techniques, this emphasis will allow a more favorable case selection tailored to an individual's training status.

    It makes the SRNA/CRNAs seem secondary, and only as a convenience to the residents. Maybe someone who is a graduate or student of the program can explain the reality of the situation. Northeastern has a great reputation as a Nursing school, and would think it would also be great in its graduate programs.
  4. by   TraumaNurse
    Can't give you much about the program, but the cost of living in Boston is VERY high and housing is difficult to find. That said, I love Boston, I just could not afford to live there. I used to live an hour and twenty min drive from the city, but I did not want to commute that far for school and could not afford to move closer to the city. Boston has some of the worst traffic I have ever seen!
    The anesthesia school has a good reputation, but I can't comment from personal experience. As for the residency thing, I think many schools that have both a MD residency and Nurse Anesthesia program, give a higher priority to the residents. This may not always be the case, but I have seen it happen before. Personally, I purposely chose a school with no competition from residents. Good luck.
  5. by   air
    Just to chime in. This is just my take from last years interview scheme.
    The program is/was run by Steve..., phD. You take a test. nothing to write home about. CCRN/ACLS type questions. The admissions committee all introduce themselves, about 10-12 of them. They then split up into two different rooms while you are taking the test. You are called in for the interview, after the test. You have to do the two rooms. The admissions committe consists of didactic and clinical faculty. The provide you with first year and second year students while you wait be called. These students will answer all your questions about the program. If your home state has a program, you will have to answer a question on why you applied to NE instead of that in your home state.
    TraumaNurse, hit it sqaure in the head. I visit Boston yearly, but it is way to expensive for exist within it for 27 months. The traffic is horrible, even on a Saturday, use the "T". I lucked out, I am in a program that has no competition with residents or other srna's for cases.
    Good luck
  6. by   smogmatt
    If your up for a move (I was, Idaho has 0 programs)
    Albany Med (2 hrs to the west) has an outstanding program we got several Mass students.

    Boston is a great place to visit thats for sure.
  7. by   kachoo414
    Quote from pinkRN
    New to forum and find it so very helpful.

    Does anyone know anything about the Northeastern University CRNA Program--interview process, number of students in program,.... anything? I am not from that area and haven't gotten much info from the website, but love the idea of living/studying in Boston. Thanks!
    I currently attend Simmons College Nursing School in Boston and I am also interested in Northeastern's CRNA program. I know that it has a very good has been est. since 1968. I spoke with Northeastern and there are about 30 people in each class. Clinicals are at major city hospitals. Interview is required. 1 year of SICU experience if preferred, MICU will be taken as well. Northeastern does not have much of a (pretty) campus since it is right in the middle of a city block. The total cost of northeastern's program is nearly $50,000. Not cheap, but what grad school is? As compared with Boston College's program (which i don't know much about, but i'm sure it's good), which is 3 years old, they only accept 13 students for each class. Both have programs that are almost identical. It is way out on the B line trolley and has a beautiful campus. I am not aware of how much $$ BC is but I'm sure it's similar to NEU. Come to's fabulous...go sox!
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    How is your nursing experience like at Simmons kachoo414?
    I am starting this fall, transfering from UMB. Do the majority of students get their clinicals at longwood area?
  9. by   Jdog19s
    I have been accepted into Northeastern Universities class of 2012. We start this Fall 2009. The program has been extended from 28 months to a 32 month program to allow for working part time for the first year, as well as additional clinicals at the end of the program. They have accepted 25 students this year. They are well funded and have anesthesia students in almost every large Boston Hospital you can think of. I am going to have my clinicals at Rhode Island Hospital as I live in southeast Mass and this is closer than traveling to Boston. They do not make you take a test anymore for the interview. There were 4 rooms to visit. The first room with students was a laid back ask questions about the program. The next 3 rooms had different faculty who asked many questions about your experience, knowledge of medications and so forth. It was a very friendly interview process. I think there campus is very nice, although compared to BC, I dont' think anything can compare to that campus anyway. The tuition and Northeastern is 1035 dollars per credit hour, with 52 credits in the program. However there are many other fees that will surely add up to another 10,000 atleast thru the program. And as everyone else said, living in and near boston is expensive and so is parking. However, there are few schools that can offer the amazing clinical sites that Northeastern has available, and additionally, the program director says that he is working on obtaining advanced clinical rotations in specialty pediatric cases at the end of the program which is not offered at any of the other programs in this area that I am aware of. They get about 180 applications a year, although only around 100 of them are completed and only completed applications are granted an interview. Of this 100, they interview around 50 of the students, and 25 of them get offered a seat in the next class. I hope this helps, please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions. It is a great program with a great faculty!