Nervous about starting school?

  1. I am! I have 3 kids, wife and a mortgage. Feeling a little nervous about starting school. Anyone else?
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  3. by   gobluern
    Right here! 1 kid and wife staying behind in home state. A mortgage and rent plus utilities in both places. $26,000 a year in tuition. All this plus, you know, actually going to school. This is what we signed up for though. I am excited too!!
  4. by   missnurse01
    I have a stay at home dad and three kids. I have spent so much time worrying about how the house is going to run as a single parent household that I haven't had much time to worry about school! Very worried about the finances as I have not yet found out if I am going to get the grad plus. I see myself working weekends to pay rent and food and the phones getting turned off...
  5. by   gobluern
    What are you going to do about insurance. My wife and I talked about her moving up with me but we need insurance.
  6. by   missnurse01
    kids are going on state insurance. Hubs has minimal insurance thru the VA. I know my school offers one, but I do not know how much money it is, or how it compares to a private policy I can find online. Wondering if I have no income it will make me elgible for state insurance with all the new insurance stuff coming out...

    I saw on another post the aana has a deal with an insurance company...I was looking at them too.
  7. by   detroitdano
    Not at all.

    I'm quitting in 3 weeks, my loans are set to disperse covering cost of living and tuition, I get my wife's insurance starting September 1st and I'm taking a vacation next month. Couldn't be more prepared, or relaxed.

    I really feel bad for you guys with kids, I can't imagine the extra stress. It's doable, I'd say 1/3 of my class are parents, but I can't say I'm jealous! A baby will be the wife's graduation present from me lol.
  8. by   gobluern

    I'm glad you're confident. School will be challenging with a child. Anything worth doing is tough though. I'm as prepared as possible. I've been out of school for 2 years though so i'm dreading the grueling school work and study hours.
  9. by   missnurse01
    I am actually excited to be able to go to school without working 48+ hours a week or two jobs at the same time! I have never had the luxury...
  10. by   gobluern
    I hear you missnurse. I've taken off the whole month of July and it has been great!! I've worked and went to school at the same time since high school. I won't know how to handle it.
  11. by   detroitdano
    Quote from gobluern
    I hear you missnurse. I've taken off the whole month of July and it has been great!! I've worked and went to school at the same time since high school. I won't know how to handle it.
    Yep! I've worked part time or full time ever since I was 13. I've never had more than 3 weeks off of work since that time. It's gonna be nice just focusing on school.
  12. by   missnurse01
    Yup started wOrking at 12. Occasionally had a semester off. Took the long route of lpn adn bsn. Been in school nearly constantly for 20 years lol
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  13. by   SRNA525
    If it makes your feel any better I have one a classmate who has 3 kids. His wife doesn't work so I am sure that helps but he had to move for school and has no family in the area. We are 2 semesters in and he is doing fine. You will need a wife that will support you though and even then I am sure there will be times when she will want to rip your head off (mine has these moments and we have no kids). Don't worry about the mortgage the government will foot the bill (with a ridiculous interest rate of course). I would start to looking into help like snap benefits to see if you qualify. If your wife doesn't work your family will qualify. You will not but it will help with the debt.
  14. by   SRNA525
    Most schools offer health insurance (at a premium price of course). I believe because you are offered it by the school you will not be able to benefit from state insurance. Unfortunately, because you are in school it doesn't matter if you work or not. The government likes to give money to people who are deteriorating society rather than people who are improving it, but that is a whole other topic.