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Dear All, I have been there to help several of the women in my family through their pregnancies and been present at the birth of my sister. I believe I will love Labor and Delivery, however I am interested in becoming a... Read More

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    I'm still taking pre-reqs for the BSN -- not a nurse yet. I've just had a lot of experiences in my life that make me know (99.98%) that L & D will be right for me. I've never heard of a clin spec but I was planning to become a CNM but the schedule is really unappealing to me. I'm not 21 and I'd like to consistently know what my schedule is. If its overnight, fine but the idea of always being on call and having to create my own business are really unappealing to me. When I was told about CRNA, it seemed like a good fit especially because you still get to work with women in labor but you have consistency and a life outside of work.

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