Mount Marty vs Clarkson College CRNA programs

  1. Hello,

    I have been accepted to both clarkson college and mount marty college. Does anyone have any input as to which one is a better school? They both have pros and cons. If anyone has any information that might be helpful, I would sure be interested.
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  3. by   nebrgirl
    Are you from the area? Have no thoughts about the schools themselves, but living in Yankton is a whole lot diff than living in Omaha. As a result Clarkson may be easier to have the advantages of an urban area. Yankton is a beautiful Area.
  4. by   Macann

    Hi, would like to know what were the requirements to get into the CRNA program?

    do you require Critical Care Nursing experience? and how many hours of experience?

    please let me know,

  5. by   jk05
    I would consider Mt Martys recent significant decline in the boards passing rate. Although Clarkson hasn't had students take boards yet, they have 2 well known professors (Dr. John Nagelhout and the founder of Valley Review), who have a large role in their classes.

    Although the previous post mentioned Yankton not having alot to offer- it won't matter because 95% of your time you will be sitting at a desk studying!!

    Good Luck!
  6. by   nursesunflower
    Thank you so much for your input!
  7. by   JayVArn
    Mount Marty is based in Sioux Falls with the option of clinical elsewhere. I would advise making a pro and con list of both schools and basing your decision off of that.
  8. by   wheeler
    Clarkson is having problems with the CRNA program. 3 or 4 students left or were dismissed this summer. The program director left and the rumor is the college is closing the program. Ask questions!
  9. by   gasser5173
    Wheeler: I don't know where your info came from but it is inaccurate and misleading. I can attest that two students have left he program however one was in December based solely on their own decision and one was in April due to what was deemed inappropriate behavior on personal time. If clarksoncollege did not have such high standards as far as morality and honesty (necessary qualities in all CRNAs) then that person would still be around. As far as your statement about the director leaving that is true however it's not because of the program closing, but due to personal reasons. The college fully supports the program as do all of the clinical sites that benefit from the outstanding students. Besides its a business world and the college is making a boatload off the program. You really should check your facts and sources before making statements that are inaccurate.
  10. by   sarab7
    Hey gasser, I have an upcoming interview with Clarkson and I'm wondering if you could give a little more insight into what the interview process was like?
  11. by   smiley2k2
    Hey Sarah,
    I am looking to applying at Clarkson CRNA program as well. How did the interview go? Have you started the program yet?