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missouri state university CRNA 2013 interview

  1. 1 Have an interview this saturday, havent seen much posted on here since 2009. If someone has any advice or information on the interview process that would be great. I heard they selected 20 for interview, dont no how many are actually coming.
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    Hey I also have an interview this saturday at MSU! Where are you coming from?
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    I am flying out Friday from Montana, where are you coming from. Do you have in information regarding the interview
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    I just sent you a PM.
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    hello there guys,
    I hv a interview at MSU this month and was wondering what your experience was? how ppl interviewed? did either of u get in? thanks so much! There's so little on MSU!
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    how was the interview?
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    Hello I am planning on applying in the next month to MSU, I was wondering if you could tell me how the interview process was and how the program is as a whole?

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