Millikin/Decatur CRNA Program

  1. Hey guys,

    Any graduates or applicants to this program? There is virtually no information about this program on the boards...
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  3. by   cdwcobra95
    I am actually going to be attending Millikin's MENP program for an MSN starting 2011. My long term goal is to apply for a CRNA program down the road. I was excited to see Millikin is getting this CRNA program. I believe the first cohort of students for this program will be starting in 2011. They have a program layout on their website. I know that they are tenatively planning on switching the program to the DNP level in 2014 or 2015. As far as the school goes, i have heard nothing but good things about their nursing programs in general. Everyone i have spoke with in the medical community holds Millikin in high esteem. Are you going to be applying soon?
  4. by   love-d-OR
    I did, two days before the deadline so I hope they received it on time. Information on the program is very thin, no one seems to comment or know much. I understand it was being run with Bradley University... Thanks for answering, hope some current students can give us more insight
  5. by   love-d-OR
    Update: Intrview offers will be sent out in early January (10-15) and interviews will be held on February 11-12/13. This is the information I received from a friend who spoke with the school.
  6. by   Millikin
    Hi. I work in marketing at Millikin University and saw your comments. We are very excited to offer the CRNA program in conjunction with Decatur Memorial Hospital. The first cohort will start in the summer. Your information about interview letters and the actual interviews is correct. The School of Nursing will open up applications for its 2012 class in the spring (deadline will be Sept. 1). If anyone needs more information, call them
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  7. by   Sparikh516
    Hello! I am interested on applying to the Millikin MENP program for fall 2012! I will finish my psychology degree by the end of next may. I was wondering that the 3.25 requirement is it for the major or overall? I have a 3.5 in my psychology degree and a overall 3.38.
  8. by   cdwcobra95
    Did you have some questions for me Sparikh516?
  9. by   love-d-OR
    Sounds like you meet the minimum regardless so, whats your concern?
  10. by   Sparikh516
    Hello! yes I did! I read that you started the program? How is it so far?
    I read since they only accept 10-12 people it is pretty rough to get into the program? is that true.
    I am interested in applying for the July 2012 cohort. Just to clear up, when does the application for this cohort begin? When I checked online, the cohort application admission term was only for July 2011-December 2011. Also, how many recommendations are required for this program? The CNL/NE/CRNA programs require 3 recommendations. For the gpa requirement, at the time I submit my applicaiton does my gpa need to be above a 3.25 or does it need to above 3.25 when I graduate with my degree, or both? Just wanted to make sure. Also what is the average gpa of the last cohort entering into the program? thank you so much! i am very intereseted in applying to this program because I have heard good things Millikin's Nursing program
  11. by   cdwcobra95
    Actually i haven't started the program yet. I start the program this July. I believe they only accept around 12 people in each cohort. I think you can apply year round for each cohort, but i am not 100% sure. I sent my application in October 2010 for the 2011 cohort. You need to have 3 letter of recommendation. If your GPA is below the 3.25 they require you to take the GRE. I don't know the average GPA of my cohort. I suggest you go to their website and look under admission requirements for MENP program. I also see that you are about to complete your psychology degree. Have you completed the other prereq courses for the MENP program. They require you to have Anatomy & Physiology 1 and 2, microbiology, organic chemistry, graduate level stats, and several psychology courses that i assume you have already taken. These have to be taken before you start the program.
  12. by   Sparikh516
    Thank you for the help! I may message you again if I have any questions! i have taken all the prereqs except graduate stats in which i am taking next spring.
    Since they only accept around 12 people, do you know what would make me a good candidate?
    i have researched and held many positions withing organizations. do you think I should become a cna also? my gpa is average i think. what would help my application? you applied in october 2010. when did you find out about ur admission status?
  13. by   Sparikh516
    thanks for the help! i may personally message you if i have any other questions!
  14. by   cdwcobra95
    I interviewed in October and got my acceptance letter in November. As far as making your application strong, i would definetly have strong letters of recommendation. You also have to write an essay regarding why you want to participate in that program. That will be a good place to address why you want to be a nurse, and any long-term goals you have. Also address why you want Millikin over other colleges.