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Has anyone received an invitation to interview at memorial hospital of Rhode Island? I'm still patiently waiting to hear if I'll get the chance to interview... Read More

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    Nothing boost. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever hear anything

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    Has n e one heard n e thing from memorial? Also by when should we hear back on admission decisions?
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    I just got my acceptance letter this weekend. Fedex tried to deliver it on Friday. Requires a signature and they do not try to deliver over the weeked. Was able to pick it up at the local fedex office. Would love to hear from others who get accepted and plan to attend. Best of luck!
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    Hey TylerB13, congratulations man. That's wonderful news. If u don't mind me asking, what state r u from? I'm still waiting to hear from them. Also, how long do they give u to respond n how much do u have to put down for them to hold ur seat? Again, congratulations!!!
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    They give you till 12/21....They want the money in case the world doesn't end =P. And it is 600 dollars, like Mr. Foster stated in the interview. I am in Colorado. Kind of scary thinking about moving my life across the country. Should be a great adventure though!
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    Wow, Colorado is a hike. But I'm sure its all worth it in the long run. When u planning to make the move? Btw the $600 deposit is pretty cheap compared to what other schools I applied to were asking. I was $2,000, $3,000 n even $5,000 deposit at some of the schools I applied to. I applied to 4 n so far, I've only heard from 2 n made the alternate lost for both. I'm still waiting to hear from memorial. I called them today n they said, they're still working on decisions n I should hear from them by the end of this week. If u don't mind me asking, what r ur stats: years in ICU with specialty, GPA, gre, certifications n etc.....
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    Marco, if you want to PM me I would be more than happy to talk about that stuff.
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    Marco - have you heard anything back since its the end of the week? This process is too long, it makes me nervous!

    Tyler - congrats, very happy for you
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    Thank you, Iner702! I really appreciate all the support of the many members on this site.
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    Hey iner I haven't heard n e thing yet. I feel u on the nerves thing

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