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Has anyone received an invitation to interview at memorial hospital of Rhode Island? I'm still patiently waiting to hear if I'll get the chance to interview... Read More

  1. by   TylerB13
    Marco, if you want to PM me I would be more than happy to talk about that stuff.
  2. by   iner702
    Marco - have you heard anything back since its the end of the week? This process is too long, it makes me nervous!

    Tyler - congrats, very happy for you
  3. by   TylerB13
    Thank you, Iner702! I really appreciate all the support of the many members on this site.
  4. by   marco346
    Hey iner I haven't heard n e thing yet. I feel u on the nerves thing
  5. by   texasrn00
    hey guys,

    i got my acceptance letter on monday Dec 10. Tyler, looks like ill be seeing you and our new classmates in may!
  6. by   TylerB13
    Congrats Texas! I would PM you, but I can't until I get 15 quality posts or something. Can you PM me?
  7. by   anthrn
    Congrats TylerB and Texasrn!! Still waiting to hear back from them, but I'm assuming since I haven't heard anything from them and if they require a response by 12/21, then that's a rejection letter for me
  8. by   marco346
    I didnt make the squad too anthrn. I got the letter today. In n e case, I'm hoping better for u. Congrats to Tyler and Texan. I got in at st. Raphael so ill probably be seeing u guys at ccsu for that first year
  9. by   anthrn
    Guess my rejection letter will come tomorrow. Thanks marco! At least you have a school. I have another interview coming up so hopefully that leads me somewhere.
  10. by   tenshiblue
    Marco which program did you like the best? Can you tell me where you are from?
  11. by   marco346
    Hey tenshiblue, I only know about what I was told by faculty and current students about either schools. From what I heard they each had their own perks. Memorial had the most perk financially where it was the cheapest of the schools and u only pay tuition for the first year. Furthermore, ur health insurance is free. Then when u start clinical after the 1st year, u get a stipend of $100/week. Which goes a long way when ure not working. Also it the students r the ones that ran the OR at memorial, so u get plenty of experiences. Although they mostly do "bread and butter" cases from what I could gather from the students. U get sent out on rotations to outside hospitals for other experiences. As for st Raphael, I can't recall everything bout what they told me but I didn't hate it either. It's not as cheap n u pay all year round. Furthermore, u don't get n e stipend. However, the students I met there were raving about the program. I don't remember hearing too many negative comments. I do remember too much else about actual clinical experience, if u had to compete with other students or even residents for cases. I'm hoping someone else could chime in. Or maybe if u heard more about the school, u could fill me in. In n e case, I hope I've been able to help.
  12. by   marco346
    I'm from mass
  13. by   marco346
    Anthrn, good luck. I hope things go perfect on ur next interview