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Looking for insight into University of New England's CRNA program

  1. 0 As a west-coast RN, I am familiar with many of the CRNA programs on this side of the Mississippi, but lack insight into programs such as the University of New England. This looks like an appealing program -- does anyone know about the school's reputation and clinical rotations (ie whether you get adequate time with peds, regional anesthetics -- and whether you will be competing with residents for clinical rotations). I was also wondering, like so many others who are applying, about GRE scores, GPA, etc. Interview advice at UNE would also be a huge help! Thanks for your input!
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    I am interested in this info also.
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    My interview at UNE was quite pleasant, except for my own anxiety level. It was 2 CRNA faculty and one physiology prof and me around a little table. Talked about what do you like to do, tell me about your unit, what would you do if you disagreed with a physician on a plan of care. And of course, why do you want to do this.

    You WILL be a stress case for interviews, but at least this one doesn't involve interviewers grilling you to see how you "perform under pressure," and no clinical questions. I got the impression that it was a nice place with good people overall.

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