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Hello, is anybody interviewing or has interviewed for Barry University's CRNA program for Jan 2012 entry? I would like to talk to some people that have or will be.... Read More

  1. by   Snappz11
    For those of you who will be attending Barry in the Spring, anyone doing the head start program? If so, are you taking both classes offered in the Fall and working full time? Thanks!
  2. by   fyrace
    Getting registered today for the Chem and Prof Aspects classes. I will be working full time through the fall but it is with the fire department so I shouldn't have any issues. My last shift on the floor is in a couple weeks so it should be straight forward with these classes.
  3. by   Snappz11
    Hi Fyrace-
    I am registered for both as well. Have you heard anything about the classes (level of difficulty, amount of required time each week, etc)? I will be working until December 3rd..hoping it won't be too much while being full time!
  4. by   fyrace
    I have not. Sorry. Only thing I heard was no books for the Prof Aspects. Did you get a syllabus or anything? Which cohort did you pick? I'm Orlando. Anyways, if you pm me you email I can let you know if I hear anything. Still alot of open questions but I think it is still early (like when is the 2 week orientation..etc).
  5. by   acl0727
    hey everyone, quick question: one of the provisions that i need to satisfy for jan 2012 is 'proof of ccrn certification'. i haven't taken the ccrn exam. i contacted (moderator edit of name - please do not post names and/or initials of names that could possibly identify anyone in your program per tos) and informed him that i have never taken the ccrn exam. he told me that i do need my ccrn certification before jan. is anyone else in the same boat as me?
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  6. by   Snappz11
    For those who attend Barry, when you say "run your own room", does that mean you are the only anesthesia provider present? Or are you being observed by a CRNA/ Anesthesiologist while making all of the decisions? How early are you expected to complete a case on your own? Thanks!
  7. by   fyrace
    I was told by the end of your first year you will be running your own room. Means you run the surgery, just as if you were employed, you are on the schedule, you get vacation...etc. You move fast and a buddy who is in his first year says you get your a** handed to you so be ready.

    I also got the syllabus for the headstart chem and the orientation dates. PM me if anyone is interested.
  8. by   CriticalAnesthesiaRN
    I am registered for the headstart program as well. Will you please send me the syllabus and orientation stuff. I can't PM yet, i have 11 posts! Thanks!
  9. by   CriticalAnesthesiaRN
    Also, what exactly do you mean by "you get ur a** handed to you?
  10. by   fyrace
    What I mean is that there is so much work in this program when you start full time, you will be busting your butt and have no time. A very hard program and I was told taking the headstart helps.
  11. by   Burnshdp
    I have applied to Barry's CRNA program for Spring 2013! Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make my application strong and standout! I work in the BICU currently and will have 1.5 yrs of experience!
  12. by   fyrace
    Basic stuff. Good GRE, good experience, good grades, hone your interview skills. Get advanced chem under your belt, shadow several times. If you have time, some recommend getting graduate level courses and get good grades as that shows you can do harder classes, however you cannot transfer these grad courses. Barry's program is a science based program, not a nursing based program, so if you can work your way through organic I/II and biochem, you will have a better shot. Do better than a 1000 on your GRE. Get some good LORs, CRNA/MDA a must...etc.

    You can prob look around more and find other suggestions, but those are some of the basics.
  13. by   MT_RN
    Hi. I have been accepted to Barry for Jan 2012 and will be in the Orlando group.