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Has anyone started anesthesia school without much experience starting IVs? I don't have a ton of experience with it, mostly because the majority of my patients came back from the OR with central lines, swans, a-lines,--everything... Read More

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    Just echoing what everyone else has been saying. I honestly can say that before I got into Anesthesia school I had only started about half a dozen IV's and I was simply terrified to start them in school. Be confident and make sure you get a system down before you go. In ICU you usually are asked to start IV's on pretty sick people and in my case, when the IV team couldn't get an IV they would call us, lol. It's nice to start an IV on a 24 yr old with great veins who's coming in for a knee scope. It's truly not that bad and as a requirement for your clinical stats you need to start at least 200 of em. trust me, you'll get that and then some.


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    Work some per diem shifts in the ER and tell them you're looking for starts. You'll have to start IVs on everyone from 3-month-old pukers to 100-year-old wheezers. For sheer breadth of clientele, you won't find better experience outside of the back of an ambulance.

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