ICU experience in a hospital vs. Long term care facility

  1. 0 I'm trying to get into CRNA school and will be applying this year for admission next year and have worked in the ICU for 1.5 years in a community hospital. I'm in a situation where I have to look for another job, I have a pending offer for an ICU position in an LTAC (Long term acute care) facility. Before I accept this position I wanted to know if having an LTAC on my resume decreases my chances of getting accepted into CRNA school? Are LTAC facilities considered real ICU experience?

    Thanks in advance for your input. The advice given on this forum is invaluable and I appreciate all your help.
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    you are not going to get the experience they are looking in a long term type icu environment. those are stable vents, etc that are not acutely sick from what i know of these types of facilities around where I am. You will need hemodynamics, titration of drips, interpretation of abgs, etc--basically what you want is a continually crashing pt that you need to maintain, not a pt on autopilot who is stable. good luck in your job selection and future schooling! You can always call and ask a few crna programs, they would give you info.
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    I wouldn't even consider it.
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    MissNurse01 is correct. Get the ICU experience in a hospital.
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    most schools will prefer, if not require, that you have recent acute care ICU experience. in your particular case, the admissions committee may question why you switched from the hospital to the LTAC. however, there are some who will switch after they are accepted to another job during to time between their interview and starting school.
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    Thank you all for your help.....I guess I will be staying at my current job.
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    Thank you all for your help...I guess I will be staying at my current job.

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