I got in! Now what?

  1. I got into CRNA school at ODU for the class starting fall of 2014. I am so so excited! Can I get some advice from anyone? Anything will be helpful!
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  3. by   ckh23
    Take a vacation or just relax before school starts. There is no need to waste your time reading material ahead of time because there will plenty for you to do when you start.
  4. by   Angelrina,CCRN
    I was recently accepted also at another institution. Thanks for posting this! Any advice would be great! Good luck to you!
  5. by   Mully
    I got in for this fall in Michigan!!! My goal is to cram 3 years worth of vacations into this summer
  6. by   mh0712
    Since I've gotten in I have felt ready to start studying, but I have forced myself to relax and remember to enjoy these last few months of peace before I start.
  7. by   missnurse01
    I am one that felt opposite of many, I felt that I could have gotten a leg up if I had started studying sooner and have no idea why people say do nothing. This could be b/c they are different than I am, or their lives run differently. I find that the people without families have a much harder transition as they are used to free time to themselves,and those with families don't miss the free time they never had, but seriously miss time with the kids, etc. I got the baby Miller as it is called and started reading. Same with anesthesia secrets, the beginning stuff is often stuff that isn't gone over in depth in school anyway. I also watched a ton of Dr. Najeebs lectures, some are free on youtube, the rest at cost (it was 99 bucks for 2 years of access). It is in depth physiology and I thought that it was great. You could also look at coursera and sign up for a free science class, to review something like chem or phys. There are also tons of free stuff on Khan academy. there are also tons of notecards made up on cram.com or quiz let.com. You could always just start memorizing something specific, rewrite over and over from memory something like all the structures and nerve supply to the airway. Something that you will have to know like the back of your hand. In school there will never be enough time to adequately study how you would like to, not enough hours in the day, so you can focus on something, or just review for fun. I also like emcrit podcasts, and the core anesthesia question of the day. There are many anesthesia websites out there to learn things like formulas, flow volume loops, etc. If you haven't read Watchful Care, it is a history of CRNAs in this country. It can be as in depth or light as you make it! Good luck!
  8. by   sholacrna
    i got in, Inter Americana university and also the University of Puerto Rico... gotta make a choice quickly , relax before the battle begins.............At least that's what my friends in the program tell me.
  9. by   jdk2418
    Let me know how you like ODU. I plan on applying in the next year or two. The PD there is a former instructor of mine.

    I am a former SRNA who did not complete the program I enrolled in. I would not worry about learning anesthesia material on your own. It will only confuse you if you are not familiar with it already. Instead focus on really having the fundamentals of an ICU nurse down pat. I can't tell you how many times the basics came up. When I didn't know the answer and had to review it drew unwanted attention. Plus its just that much less material you have to relearn on top of all the new material.

    Good luck.