How many times did you apply for CRNA school before being accepted? - page 2

I was wondering if there is anyone who is currently or previously enrolled who applied more than once to CRNA school? If you weren't accepted the first time did that change your views on becoming a CRNA? Also, what can one expect... Read More

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    Which program? I'm in allegh valley for this fall and live 5 minutes away. I could possibly offer some assistance, or at least keep u out of the ghetto! Lol pm me

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    I accepted a position at Bloomsburg University. I would send a private message but it is currently disabled since I am a new member. I have to make 15 "quality" posts before I can use it.
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    Thanks for the information! I'm a little bummed this was my first time applying and only applied to 2 schools, got rejected from one and still waiting to hear about the other.
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    Sorry, just checking out some info on Bloomsburg. Are you a CRNA student there? I have an interview there in a couple of weeks and am looking for opinions/tips.
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    3 applications. I was accepted in the first round of applications.
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    I applied to 2 different schools and got in to both of them. This is my first year applying.
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    once. had interviews at 2 schools, got in to the first school I interviewed at.
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    Ended up getting in my first time applying too! What a blessing!

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