How many times did you apply for CRNA school before being accepted? - page 2

I was wondering if there is anyone who is currently or previously enrolled who applied more than once to CRNA school? If you weren't accepted the first time did that change your views on becoming a... Read More

  1. by   kup6
    Sorry, just checking out some info on Bloomsburg. Are you a CRNA student there? I have an interview there in a couple of weeks and am looking for opinions/tips.
  2. by   SRNAColumbia2015
    3 applications. I was accepted in the first round of applications.
  3. by   bsn2crna2828
    I applied to 2 different schools and got in to both of them. This is my first year applying.
  4. by   bagola22
    once. had interviews at 2 schools, got in to the first school I interviewed at.
  5. by   bmobSRNA2015
    Ended up getting in my first time applying too! What a blessing!