Helpful Apps for CRNA school????? Helpful Apps for CRNA school????? | allnurses

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Helpful Apps for CRNA school?????

  1. 0 Hey. I'm new to the site and just got accepted to CRNA school. I was wondering if there are any specific Apps for either iphone or droid based phones that have been helpful for school/clinicals. Also, anyone have advice on what kind of laptop to get....mine just took a crap on me so i'm in the market for a new one. Thanks!!
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    I will be starting CRNA school as well and I have asked around about recommendations for laptops. What the majority of people have told me is that any new laptop will do and to not get a Mac. I was hoping just the opposite so that I would have an excuse to get a trendy new computer, but peoples reason behind it is that some of the hospital-based programs and technology through their CRNA school is more compatable with a PC/Windows. Keep in mind, this is what I was told from a variety of SRNAs on a different forum. I think that if you are use to working with a Mac, then get a Mac, if not, then get what works best for you. As far as Apps, I have no idea, but I would like to get some for my phone, so if you get any recommendations, send them my way.
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    A few free ones I have:

    Gas Guide
    ACTc Lite

    I'm trying to get away without paying for any, but I do need to invest in a better drug guide than what Epocrates offers without a subscription.
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    I really like gas guide and oxford american handbook of anesthesiology. The latter is an app available through the app store. Medscape and Manual of Anesthesia Practice are also helpful.