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Hello everyone, I know this probably is asked a lot but I havent seen any recent post or direct answers. I really want to become a CRNA but the road to get there is time consuming with getting... Read More

  1. by   loveanesthesia
    Ways to stand out: 1. Obtain at least 2 to 3 years experience in your ICU; 2. show leadership potential-volunteer to be on quality assurance, or policy committees, join and participate in professional organizations,

    It is correct that NP programs are not, and may never be, required to grant a doctoral degree. All nurse anesthesia programs are required to offer doctoral degrees beginning with students entering program on Jan 1, 2022 or later. The doctoral programs approved so far-11 in the US-are all 36 months.
  2. by   foreverLaur
    CCRN would be a big resume booster too. Some programs are starting to require it.
  3. by   IHeartDukeCTICU
    Yup in my interviews it wasn't so much about who had their CCRN, but who DIDN'T have their CCRN.

    It's competitive so give yourself every advantage you can:
    GRE >1100
    Good GPA or A/B's in grad level courses
    Committee Work

    It's alot of work, and it will take time and dedication. You may feel like you're doing it for nothing, or not getting paid enough to do it. But in the end, when you get that acceptance phone call, you'll realize it was worth it. Good luck!