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Graduation is right around the corner!! I graduate in May with my BSN and I've spent countless hours trying to figure out I will paying for CRNA school and living expenses since I have 3 children and... Read More

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    Quote from EyesOnPrize
    Do you know if my spouse would be covered?
    Not while you are in school, but once you are done and on active duty they would be.

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    I'm a VA employee SICU RN. I was fortunate enough to get into the USAGPAN. Not only is my school payed for but I will also be pulling a nice salary while in school. When I'm done I owe the VA 3 years at a very competitive CRNA starting salary. So in the end I think its a pretty good deal. Free CRNA school + current nursing salary while in school + Job waiting for me when I'm done.
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    I have a few friends that got stipends for $30,000 Each from a local CRNA practice.
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