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    Wait. Clarification. Dr. Wren was terminated?

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    She was fired on Apr 24th. She is a disgrace. And quite possibly a sociopath too. The new director will take over in May.
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    Wowwwww. Does anyone know why she was fired?
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    My friend got the acceptance call today. Anyone else? I didn't...
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    wow, an instructor got fired! that's horrible. She must have been really bad for it to get to that, honestly speaking.
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    ufblondi, don't panic, i'm sure it will be alright. Be patient, although I'm sure its hard for you to do so right now. Waiting can be nerve racking.
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    Not instructor. The director!
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    Wow Joy, that had to have been some kind of a record, 22 is pretty young, Congrats on your accomplishments. You have a long career ahead of you.
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    I PM - I sent you my number - txt me
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    I tried to PM but it didn't go work - I will try later ok?

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