Drexel University CRNA program

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    Hi all,

    For those of you who have applied to Drexel, how long does it typically take to hear back about an interview? I submitted my application at the end of June and still haven't heard anything yet.


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    Hello DMooreRN,

    I'm not sure what is taking so long. I applied to their CRNA program in mid July and got a response via e-mail from them within 48 hours after they received my application package. I then heard from them again this last week monday 7/23/12 stating that application and supporting documents are currently being reviewed by the admissions committee and that their goal is to provide me with a timely admissions decision and once that decision is made, they will notify me immediately via mail. They didn't mention anything about an interview in the e-mail. So I've been eager to run to my mailbox everyday. Did they send you an a-mail stating that they got your package and that it is being reviewed or have you not heard anything from them at all since you mailed your application? I would certainly give them a call on Monday to follow up in either event. No harm in that. That is way too long of a wait. I also applied to SUNY Downstate and Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center. Did you apply anywhere else? I wish you the best of luck with everything and hope they have an answer for you. Keep in touch!!
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    Thanks for the response!

    I also heard back from them once all my application materials were received at the end of June, so online under my Drexel account it says that my application is complete and currently being reviewed by the admissions committee but a decision has not yet been made. I have been speaking to Rexine Patterson over the phone since I submitted my application. Originally, she told me that if I didn't hear anything about an interview within two weeks to give her a call. I didn't hear anything, so I called her. At that time, the director of the program who reviews the applications was on vacation. I called her again two weeks later (which was last Wednesday), and she said that my application along with others had been handed over to someone new who they just hired. She gave me her contact information so I called her, left her a message, and have not heard back from her yet. I'm just frustrated because they said it would be two weeks to hear something about a possible interview (which actually seems kind of quick....so maybe I should be more patient). My heart sinks everytime I run to the mailbox and there is nothing there!!
    I am also applying to Northeastern University (where I went to undergrad), Boston College, University of Maryland, and University of New England. I wish you the best of luck as well...keep me updated on when you hear something about an interview! Have you or are you attending Drexel's Open House? I am attending their Open House on Aug 28th. Maybe I'll meet you there!
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    Update: I spoke with the person who has my application on file and she said that interviews for 2015 would not start until a another couple of months from now; she was not sure if that meant this fall or spring. They are still working through a lot of applications. She told me that a request for interview would be sent via e-mail, and those invited to interview would probably not receive that invitation for a couple of months, either. She did tell me unofficially that I was favorable for an interview, so we'll see....it made me feel better so now I'm not running to my mailbox every two seconds! I hope this clears up anything you are wondering, too!
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    Hello again DMooreRN and sorry for the late reply. I'm working 4 consecutive nights this week and the unit has been crazy so I've been sleeping as much as I can and didn't get the chance to log on. However I am happy to know that you got the opportunity to speak with someone regarding your application and received some relieving news. At least you don't have to anxiously run to the mailbox everyday. I dread that feeling of checking my mailbox and nothing is there lol. By any chance, is Marilys Mazzara handling your application for Drexel? She is handling mine. I actually called her yesterday and spoke with her because when I went online to check my application status, it was showing my status for the Nurse Anesthesia Post Master's Certificate (which I did not apply to). When I asked her why it said this instead of the Nurse Anesthesia MSN Program, she said since I applied for the starting class of 2013 and that class is already full, they assumed that I was applying to the Post Master's Program. If anything, they should've considered my application for the start of 2014. They should've clarified/confirmed this information with me instead of assumimg because I specifically applied for the Nurse Anesthesia MSN Program on my application and I do not have a Master's Degree as of now so how could I apply for Post Master's Certificate Program. You just could imagine how frustrated I was. So she advised me to go ahead and fill out another online application for the Nurse Anesthesia MSN Program which I immediately did. Thank goodness it only took me a few minutes and since they already have all of my supporting documents, I don't have to resend anything but I feel that it is a setback and of course will take additional time before I hear from them again. I got the e-mail stating that my application is complete and is being reviewed by the admission committee but who knows when I'll hear something new. :icon_roll Double check your online status to make sure they have your application as the MSN Nurse Anesthesia Program and not the Post Master's Certificate Program. But it seems that it will be a long while before we hear anything else but at least your know you're likely to get an interview, that's awesome!!! It must have been so relieving to hear that. That is great news!!! Thank you for sharing this information with me. It was quite helpful and at least I know what to expect from them now. I'm not sure if I will be attending the open house but I would love to go if I'm off. It would be great to meet up. Also, if they are already filling up for the starting class of 2015 which is what the program director told me when I spoke with him, I probably would not attend their school if offerred admission because I want to be graduate from CRNA school in 2015, not start. I just cannot wait that long to start.

    I have been invited for an admissions interview with Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center however for the starting class of April 2013. I received the letter 5 days after they received my application. Talk about super quick!! They said I would hear back from them in 4-6 weeks so when I got that letter, I was overjoyed. I'm so ecstatic about it and will be interviewing with them on September 13th. I'm super excited but slightly nervous at the same time. I have ample time to adequately prepare and I am preparing from now. I am still waiting to hear back from SUNY Downstate regarding an invitation for an admissions interview. I hope you get invited to Drexel or your other top schools for interviews and ultimately accepted to your #1 choice. This entire process is nerve wracking but I'm enjoying the process and know that ultimately it will be worth every bit of it sacrifice. Keep me posted on your progress with all of your schools and I will do the same. If I am able to attend Drexel's open house in August, I will surely let you know in advance!!
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    Sorry about the late response...I have been working crazy hours lately, too!!

    Congratulations on getting an interview with Our Lady of Lourdes!! That is so exciting. I'm sure you will do great...I wish you the best of luck!

    Maybe see you at Drexel's Open House in August! Keep me updated on your application process. :-)
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    I startt Drexel's CRNA program this January. I also submitted my app in July and beleive I received a telephone call in October notifing me that I had an interview and would receive an email with dates to choose from. I ended up interviewing in May and only took a couple of weeks for a decision. They do a rolling admission and admitt for the following year. Hope this helps
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    Thanks you much DMooreRN!!! I am super excited!! I am just counting down the final days now. This is what I've been waiting for and the big day is almost here!! Thank goodness I've had several weeks to prepare. I took advantage of this time and have prepared quite extensively. I am ready. I am still waiting to here from SUNY Downstate about an interview. I contacted the PD who informed me that phone calls will be made in Sept. and Oct. regarding interviews. Since my application package was submitted early and is finally in the possession of the CRNA program admissions committee, I hope I hear something back from them sooner than later, hopefully this month. As for Drexel, I am still waiting to something from them. It is so hard to play this waiting game. I feel that waiting is the hardest part of the process. I did not get to attend their Open House by the way. It didn't work with my schedule. Did you get to attend? If so, how was it? Did you hear anything back from them or any other schools as of yet? Keep me posted. I'll be sure to let you know how everything goes next week!!
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    Congratulations YankeesRN on your acceptance!!! I know this is one of the happiest times of your life!! Thanks for the reply by the way! So you applied in July of 2011? Wow, that was a while back and took quite a long process from what you wrote but it obviously payed off and I'm sure it was well worth the wait!! I believe when I called several weeks ago regarding my application status, I was told not to expect to hear anything for at least the next 8 weeks. This of course seems like forever to me but it is what it is. Your post was quite helpful. Thanks again and Congratulations once more!!!
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    Quote from yankeesrn
    I startt Drexel's CRNA program this January. I also submitted my app in July and beleive I received a telephone call in October notifing me that I had an interview and would receive an email with dates to choose from. I ended up interviewing in May and only took a couple of weeks for a decision. They do a rolling admission and admitt for the following year. Hope this helps
    Hi there. I have an interview scheduled for November. How did you prepare for yours? Amy pointers? What should I expect during this interview?

    I appreciate!

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