Different Payment options. Can they support you?

  1. I am preparing for my interview and am researching how to SURVIVE financially while in school. I have approached two hospital systems for support but I want to know about the other options (ie: loans mostly) With the knew changes to loans can a graduate student obtain enough in loans to pay for school and pay for home, food, electricity, water???? I appreciate any thoughts and advice...Thanks

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  3. by   canchaser
    I am going to Siue in Illinois. I am on the phone and today went to the office, I think I would get better understanding froM
    a door. No one is explianing how to get more money, they offered me $ 2000/ mo to live off of but my bills are 4000 since I am a single parent. It is really aggravating that my school controls how much money I can get..... Ugh.
  4. by   loveanesthesia
    When I went through, you couldn't borrow enought to pay the entire amount. That actually was not entirely negative. Most people worked 4-5 years in ICU, got as much OT as possible and saved money. When I finished I owed less than 30k and paid the entire cost myself. Save money before you start, you'll be glad for the extra experience and the lack of huge loans.
  5. by   ssrhythm
    Look into Wells Fargo Education Connection loans on top of the fed loans that are out there. You may need a cosigner to get their best rates, but I secured a loan with them for 25K above and beyond my fed loans for year one. You can receive 25K per year that you are in school. My rate for this years loan is just under 5% with my dad, God bless him, cosigning.
  6. by   ncnursetosrna
    And these loans can be paid off after you graduate?