Current Our Lady of Lourdes, Kaiser, and UMDNJ SRNA's

  1. I am thinking about applying to the schools listed above for fall 2011. How do you like the programs? How were the nursing interviews? Do you get enough cases? Is the staff supportive? good rotation experience? Practice regional anesthesia and central line placements? Just looking for any information regarding these school. Thanks!!!
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  3. by   ucan2ccrn
    I can speak for Lourdes because I had an interview there. The director is very supportive during the application process. She will answer any of your questions, no matter how small. Unfortunatly, I did not make the cut, but will be applying again this year, more confiedent now that I have my CCRN. That was one question I was asked, was if I had it. Kaiser is a nice school, they were helpful during the application process too. UMDNJ was the same. I hope this helps.