Crna suny downstate medical center

  1. 0 I am entering the CRNA Program at SUNY DOWNSTATE at Brooklyn this Fall 2011. Anybody else in the forum that knows who got in???

    I'm trying to see if i can communicate with other students.

    I am moving from California and will likely need some advice as to which areas are good to live in i.e. proximity to the school, cost and safety of the neighborhood. Any suggetions?
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    I alos interview and applied to SUNY Downstate but I never heard anything (which isn't a good sign). When did they notify you and how did they notify you
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    I alos interview and applied to SUNY Downstate but I never heard anything (which isn't a good sign). When did they notify you and how did they notify you
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    Hi nurse raf. Looks like we are going to be classmates!
    When are you moving to the east coast? The college offers dorms, have you looked into that? Maybe that is a good idea to start and then, as you get to know the area, you may decide to live somewhere else. Anyway, that is what I will be doing!
    Look forward to meeting you.
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    Skyleap-- yes, I just submitted my request for housing. I'm thrilled to know that i know at least one now in class. I plan to move in between Sep2-5. I'm prolly drive cross country. I reside now in San Francisco

    Email me.
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    hi dpd0320---I got the acceptance letter 2 weeks ago. they also notified me by phone. Cross ur fingers. its not too late yet.
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    they notified me this week, i was placed on alternate list...
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    I am planning on applying to SUNY this year for the class of 2012. Can you tell me a little about there interview process?? Thanks!
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    Congrats on getting accepted .. can you tell me you're gpa and other things you had to do to get accepted .. in a couple of months I'm going to become a senior and I'm already looking at some colleges and DMC is one of them that i want to go to and know more about so I can be sure. Hope everything goes well!
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    I am interested in the Downstate's CRNA program and I was wondering if anyone can give me an idea about the kind of grades they accept in the program. Are there any specific undergraduate course grades that they pay attention to? I dont know if anyone on here can answer these questions but any information you can shed would be most helpful.

    I live in walking distance from Downstate and have known that I wanted to be a nurse anesthetist for a while now but ther are only three CRNA programs in New York. And the other two require the GRE for admission while Downstate does not. So naturally I would love to attend Downstate but I imagine that they are super competetive being the cheapest nurse anesthetist program and the only one in NY that does require the GRE. Can anyone who got accept to the CRNA program tell me what their GPA and grades were like in their BSN degree? And also a little about what the Admission process is like.

    Thanks in advance
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    just wondering when did they conduct interviews, march-ish? or february ish?i just applied for 2012

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