CRNA Barry University c/o 2015, to start in January 2013. I am in your COHORT!!! CRNA Barry University c/o 2015, to start in January 2013. I am in your COHORT!!! - pg.5 | allnurses

CRNA Barry University c/o 2015, to start in January 2013. I am in your COHORT!!! - page 5

Just wanted to start a thread about people that have been admitted into Barry University's class graduating in 2015, and will be starting next January 2013. Just wanted to get in touch with my future... Read More

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    Does anyone know if there will be an interview session in August ? Also, congrats to all that have been accepted. It must feel awesome.
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    YES! That's me! that waiting was terrible! All turned out just fine in the end Cheers!
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    I'm not sure what was worse...waiting to interview or waiting to hear if accepted! They just told me today I have to get my ccrn certification though! Guess I'll be studying for that along with taking the 2 head start classes.

    marthagp, I do believe they have a session in august..they will interview until full. You should call/email and ask..they are very helpful and quick to respond.
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    They just called me the other day for an interview August 22nd! Does anyone know if everyone accepted/being offered a position either has or is being required to take their CCRN. I have not taken the test yet and am thinking they are going to make that one of the provisions. If that is true I will be taking a chem and CCRN....FUN FUN : )
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    Anybody know what book we will be using for chem/physics in a few weeks?
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    Coloradogirl....ccrn isnt required. I think they decide if they want you to take it based on how you do on the test and your experience. They asked me a few clinical questions and since i told them we rarely use swans and hemodynamic monitoring on my unit unless they are a liver patient then i think that is why they decided i should take it. I don't really mind though. it's just going to make me a better nurse by studying for it and i would much rather study/take ccrn instead of having to retake the gre! (which i have heard they require of some ppl too)
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    I've submitted my application for the Jan 2014 start and am waiting to hear back, I've been reading all the good posts, especially about Orlando. I was planning on that being my first choice as I have family in Melbourne. I have 5 years of high acuity ED experience in San Francisco as well as a stint of rotor wing flight experience with successful intubations. Have any of you already in the program had classmates without ICU experience?
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    it starts the second Monday of January
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    Hello all!!! Just got accepted!!! I chose Tampa, but it was full so I am thinking I will get West Palm.. Is there another thread for our class? I wanted to get to know some people, resource for housing, meet up, etc.! Let me know!!
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    I just got accepted too!! I chose S. Florida, but not sure if they put me there...HERE WE GO...
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    I'm in Barry's headstart program right now. Excited to be moving to Florida soon and starting! I chose Tampa as my first choice... Does anyone know when we get our clinical site assignments?
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    No idea on info for sites... I wish I would have been able to do head start...but just means I'm all in in Jan! PM me email addresses...we should Facebook and meet prior! Im moving prob early Jan/late Dec. I chose WPB, so trying to live around there. BUT looking for roommates.. so maybe we can network!
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    I am applying for CRNA for next fall, Should I put my GRE scores on my resume? I scored a 313. . . . Thanks!