CRNA Barry University c/o 2015, to start in January 2013. I am in your COHORT!!! CRNA Barry University c/o 2015, to start in January 2013. I am in your COHORT!!! - pg.4 | allnurses

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CRNA Barry University c/o 2015, to start in January 2013. I am in your COHORT!!! - page 4

Just wanted to start a thread about people that have been admitted into Barry University's class graduating in 2015, and will be starting next January 2013. Just wanted to get in touch with my future... Read More

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    does anyone know when they interview the last group for January 2013?

    For those accepted, did you get an email/phone call for the interview?
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    I don't know when the last group is but I know they have a session in July.
    I applied in April interviewed last week and just found out I was accepted.
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    Has anyone heard when they will let us know what clinical site we got into? Also, does anyone know what day of the week the chemistry class is on starting in August? I wonder if it's the same as the research class...
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    Anyone know when orientation starts in january? I have a vacation booked for the 7th-10th and want to know if i should try to move it
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    Anyone have the syllabus to the head start classes? Curious to take a look at them. do you just watch the online lectures at your own pace or are there actual days where you have to go for the classes?
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    Pm me your email and I'll copy you the email I Just got today from Barry about all the detail of headstart
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    Good luck to all who are entering the program at Barry University. My brother just recently graduated in May 2012 and just recently passed boards!!!
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    Anybody else chose west palm as their first choice?
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    Have you heard from them? I applied June 10 and have sent in everything except my GRE.
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    marthagp, you won't hear anything from them until your application is complete. I would recommend taking your gre and getting those scores submitted ASAP. They have already had several rounds of interviews and I'm sure they are getting close to being full.

    Ceh511...I will ask when I interview on monday when we will find out the clinical sites. I am planning on choosing ocala (anyone else pick there or does anyone recall hearing of anyone there choosing that site? I know they are limited there and was wondering if it is already full). My lease is up Aug 23 and I need to know if I should extend it a few months or plan on relocating so I hope they will tell me
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    Just received my acceptance yesterday from the july 23 interview. I will be joining you guys in jan!!!! Can't wait to meet you all!!!!
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    Hey all! I also just received my acceptance yesterday from the July 23rd interview. I will also be moving from out of state and I was really unsure of what to choose for a clinical site. I chose South FL. Any input on the sites? Has anyone heard anything from former/current students regarding them?
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    Jacyln, were you from Michigan? I think i was sitting right next to you and one of the last to interview