CRNA Barry University c/o 2015, to start in January 2013. I am in your COHORT!!! - page 3

Just wanted to start a thread about people that have been admitted into Barry University's class graduating in 2015, and will be starting next January 2013. Just wanted to get in touch with my future classmates, I am from... Read More

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    I have the same question, i'm taking a chemistry class this summer, but I'm not sure what to take. I know they acknowledge just about any chemistry class, like biochem or organic or inorganic chem. I'll probably start with a basic chem class and then take the chem class for head start in the fall. I figured, in addition to it being required of me, I also will get a chemistry refresher class in before starting head start for crna school. It cant hurt

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    Hey Eve, my first choice is also Orlando, maybe we can be roomies. Are you having to move from a different state like I am, or do you already reside in Orlando?
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    14 units, but I look at it as 6 classes, that's challenging when added on to your clinicals. I'm definitely doing the fall headstart courses although I was unable to do the summer one.
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    I got an interview for june 5th, anybody choose west palm as their first choice?
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    Quote from ace8652
    I live near downtown, LA. And work at LAC+USC Medical Center. How about you?
    I got your pm but can't reply. If you want PM your email so I can contact you that way. I just don't wanna put my email in this thread and get a bunch of spam. Any way to answer your question I work at Queen of the Valley in CCU, sometimes in the ER...
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    I have my interview coming up soon. Good luck to everyone that has already made it. I am excited to begin the head start also. Respond if you want to exchange contact information.
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    Does anyone know about the advance research class? Can it also be taken over the fall?
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    When is your interview? I am interviewing June 5th
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    Anyone every hear of someone getting an interview put not being accepted?
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    I was told they interview about 20 ppl per session, so I'm sure there are ppl that dont get in. I have to wait until july to interview bc I'm unable to make the june one, stressing me out!

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