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Just wanted to start a thread about people that have been admitted into Barry University's class graduating in 2015, and will be starting next January 2013. Just wanted to get in touch with my future... Read More

  1. by   UFcrew1
    Does anyone know about the advance research class? Can it also be taken over the fall?
  2. by   hokieicurn
    When is your interview? I am interviewing June 5th
  3. by   Lhammon2
    Anyone every hear of someone getting an interview put not being accepted?
  4. by   ufblondi
    I was told they interview about 20 ppl per session, so I'm sure there are ppl that dont get in. I have to wait until july to interview bc I'm unable to make the june one, stressing me out!
  5. by   Roush57
    Hello all, I'm very new to but I'm glad I found this. It has been very educational for my process for CRNA school. I live in St. Petersburg, FL and just over the past weekend applied for the Barry CRNA program. I didn't realized until last week that there was another option for CRNA other than USF's.
    Anyway, long story short I applied after the deadline (May 1st) and they encouraged me to still apply? I guess they have open postiions after the deadline still?
    2.5 yr CVICU/Open Heart Recover exp, 3.62 gpa, GRE 950, I'm 24. I need to retake chem due to it being 6 years old and not less than 5. I'm hopefully taking my CCRN within the next 2-3 weeks.
    Someone posted a thread about the interview having a quiz with chemistry/organic?

    anyone can e-mail me at if they want to communicate, If accepted I'll pick the Tampa location.
  6. by   hokieicurn
    I am thinking about choosing west palm as my first choice. My main priority in choosing a clinical site is finding one with a good school system for my kids to move in to. Are you from the area? Does anyone have input on the public elementary schools surrounding the Barry clinical sites?
  7. by   Lhammon2
    I was actually born and raised in west palm which is my first choice and my mother has been teaching middle school there for the past 20 years. I would choose a different site if that is a priority because education is not in west palm. I live in NY now and what a difference in education.
  8. by   hokieicurn
    When I looked online it looked as if the schools in palm beach were some of the best in the you know any private schools in that area I could maybe look in to?
  9. by   kabousika
    Hi everyone, I was just wondering how long it took you all after you sent your applications to hear back from Barry. I submitted my application on May 1st but kept getting these emails of different things I needed to send, which were in the original application, it was just frustrating. anyway my application wasn't complete until May 16.
  10. by   sbnurse97
  11. by   sbnurse97
    i applied January and got an intervie for april 30. I got invited April 7th. Good luck
  12. by   Lhammon2
    The same thing happened to me. I had to resend multiple things multiple times even though I emailed them straight to the girl in the admissions office. Wasn't real impressed. I got called about a week ago and i submitted everything 4/25 even though it appeared late thanks to the admissions office
  13. by   jessicacRN
    I have an interview on June 5th for January 2013 start. I am very nervous about the chemistry portion of the quiz. I've read it really doesn't matter but I don't remember much from my General Chemistry class 4.5 years ago. Anyone remember any of the questions or topics from the quiz who took it recently?

    My stats are 3.6 GPA, TNCC, PALS, ACLS, 2 years ICU 1 year Medical 1 year Trauma/Neuro/Surgical, GRE 1130. I am taking my CCRN in July but don't have it yet. Any idea what my chances might be?

    Thanks in advance. Congratulations to those already accepted!!