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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm a third semester nursing student and have been doing some research on the CRNA career. Anesthesia interests me very much, and I'm not interested just because of the salary! Most of the information I found has really emphasized the need for excellent grades on a transcript. A few years ago (when I first began taking college classes), I was not very concerned with my grades and have some unfavorable ones on my transcript. (A few C's) The past 2 semesters, I've made all A's. My first semester of nursing school, I made all B's and 1 C. (I had a baby in the middle of the semester.) I was wondering how potential schools might look at those lower grades. Do they focus more on the actual nursing class grades? I don't want to take all of the required chemistry if I would not be considered because of them.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   missnurse01
    Hi Amanda! they focus mostly on science classes is my understanding, although overall gpa is important. things that were taken earlier in your college career are not as important as the more recent grades. I hear that most admit committees are forgiving for the early on mess ups of just starting college. so make sure your sciences grades all are all, and continue to get as many A's for the rest of your nursing program. you can always retake a science you got a poor grade in too. good luck.
  4. by   Chiboy162
    Is a B considered a poor grade?
  5. by   missnurse01
    not really poor but not competitive!
  6. by   Hartley
    Quote from Chiboy162
    Is a B considered a poor grade?
    Just make it a B+!
  7. by   manusko
    Quote from Chiboy162
    Is a B considered a poor grade?
    No, unless thats your average. A 3.0 average is the minimum at many schools but probably not near the average that a typical accepted student has. I had a C in Chemistry, retook it and earned an A. I had two C's in nursing school, but I did get accepted.