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I am an ICU nurse of 13 years who is interested in becoming a CRNA. I was suppose to pursue this 11 years ago but got sidetracked by life, i.e., making good money ($90,000-$100,000/year), marriage,... Read More

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    I will be 50 when I graduate. You can do it,but the hours are long and hard. IF YOU WANT IT...DO IT. WERE GOING TO GET OLDER ANYWAY.LOL. MIGHT AS WELL BE DOUNG SOMETHING WE LIKE!. GOODLUCK.

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    That is SSSSOOOOOO true!! Thank you very much for your words of encouragement. You have truly inspired me. Thanks a MILLION!!!
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    I am also starting my journey to CRNA. It was encouraging to see the replies to your post as I was wondering the same thing. On my current plan I will be 42 when I finish. I like the comment about being a certain age anyway so why not make the most out of life by doing something you want to do. Go for it and don't look back!!
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    repeating all of these courses is ridiculous. Where are you trying to go. I know VCU would NOT require this. Absolute waste of money to repeat these. I would def go for your goal to be a CRNA just look at other programs;0
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    Thanks Spode.
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    It is never too late to do what you really want to do. Good luck, sounds like you will do just fine. I would also reccomend University of New England.

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