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Anyone got their acceptance emails yet?... Read More

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    I heard of an applicant getting a call 1 day before classes started. I have heard that the list is small.
    I wish i knew so that i can start reading the books.

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    Anyone on the waiting list heard anything new?
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    I'm in! Class of 2015, Start 2013
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    waitlisted, havnt heard anything yet.
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    What type of ICU experience does everyone have? Any PICU? And how many years?
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    when is the deposit deadline?
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    I applied to University of Maryland, UMDNJ and Columbia. I have 1.5 years of Neuro ICU and 0.5 years of SICU experience.

    Deposit deadline for Columbia is February 1, 2013, 4 pm eastern standard time.

    Good Luck to everyone on the wait list!
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    Thanx for the info.
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    Has anyone on the waitlist heard anything yet?
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    Hi everyone!

    Could the people who got in or got wait listed please share what their GPA, GRE scores, and ICU experience were? I would really appreciate it!!


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