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    Hello Everyone,

    Are there any graduates of Columbia's CRNA program out there? I was accepted for the Summer of 2011. I've heard rumors Columbia's nurse anesthesia students don't get the best clinical experience and have to compete for cases with residents. Can anyone with first-hand experience set me straight? I was accepted at Northeastern as well and was wondering which program offers a better clinical experience. Feel free to private message me. Thanks very much!

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    Hey! I'm a current SRNA at Columbia and one of the best parts of the program is the clinical experience I'll be getting while I'm here. I start my residency in May and will be rotating between 6-7 sites. They have some of the best clinical sites out there, including top NYC hospitals, John's Hopkins and Shock Trauma in Maryland. I've talked to my senior classmates and they haven't felt as though they are competing with residents at all. So far I've been very happy with the program and can't wait until residency starts in a few months. I hope you'll be coming to visiting day on the 21st, it's a great way to get to meet other accepted students, faculty and current students (I'll be there) who can answer any questions you might have. Hope you see you there!
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    were you a direct entry student (ETP) or were you already a nurse?
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    Hi Kmar021,

    Thanks for the response. You you have to say is reassuring. Yes, I will be coming to the open house on the 21st and I look forward to meeting you there. Guess I'll figure out who you are when I meet you.
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    Hi nijji164,

    No, I was already a nurse for 6 years. Direct entry into CRNA sounds like a terrible idea to me, that is, if they don't have ICU experience first. There is a reason schools require it. No offense intended to anyone who may be a direct entry CRNA with no ICU time. This is meant for discussion, not to hurt any feelings.
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    no, i was just trying to get a sense as to see who has gotten acceptance letters. I am not in that program, but applied for the ETP program.
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    I dont think there is such a directed CRNA program without any ICU experiences in the entire nation. haha
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    just wondering when does columbia sent out acceptance letters?

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