CNRA programs and long-distance clinicals??

  1. Hi everyone -
    Dos anyone know of any CRNA programs that offer clinical rotations local to the program? I have issues with spending time away from family...well, it's alot more complicated than that, but I'd prefer to just leave it at that.

    I'm also curious as to any SRNA's or CRNA's experience of having schools work with students to select clinical sites that are convenient for students with families or extraordinary needs. Say, getting clinical sites that are nearby home, etc.

    Any thoughts?
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  3. by   medic7577
    Your best approach would probably be to find some specific schools that you are interested in and contact them with these questions. Every school I spoke with was more than willing to help out and answer questions. But, in reality (though I am not yet in school, but hopefully will be soon with wife and 3 small children in tow), the school will require your full dedication to the program and you need to sit down with your family and have a serious talk about the committment required to attend CRNA school. You will be mostly unavailable for much of the time. Anyway, try to research some school's websites or call them.

    Hope this helps. I understand the family committment dilemma too!

  4. by   medic7577
    Oh yeah, rambled a little off topic in previous post. Many schools offer local clinical rotations, you just have to research the different programs.

  5. by   missnurse01
    Well, I have the same concerns as you do-I personally having young schoolage children with medical issues and behavioral issues. I am not able to go for 3 month rotations out of town or out of state, and especially-as I am the sole income earner-will not have money to be paying out of pocket for continued out of town clinicals. There are some schools that provide a room for free if your clinical is more than 60 or so miles away. What I have done is taken the AANA entire school list and this is one of the factors that I looked at as to whether a school was for me or not. I am happily down to 50 or so schools! Yeah, from over a 100. I looked at a lot of other factors as well, but always looked up the clinical rotations.

    So, it might be a bit of legwork for you, although if you are only able to go to one geographical location then that will really narrow down the choices.

    Good luck! And sorry it isn't a cut and dried anwser. But I do understand the problem.
  6. by   hallcrest
    thanks for your thoughts guys.
  7. by   AdonaiLoveable
    I am a current SRNA and I have two young children. When considering Nurse Anesthesia programs, I only considered programs that had all their clinical sites within commuting distance of the campus so that I knew I'd be coming home each night (no out-of-town clinicals for weeks at a time). You might take a look at Univ of Alabama, Mercer University (which has all its clinicals at one medical center!), Virginia Commonwealth Univ., Wake Forest, etc. At the time I applied, all their clinicals were within easy commuting distance of the campus.

    Hope this helps!

  8. by   hallcrest
    Thanks Adonai!
  9. by   AdonaiLoveable
    Also take a look at these: Florida International, Barry Univ., Wolford, Raleigh, Univ of Maryland, Middle TN School of NA, UT Chattanooga...

    I'm not sure that all of these schools have clinicals in one local area, but I seem to remember that they were also on my list of places to consider. I made up an excel spreadsheet of all the programs I was looking into and one of the columns indicated which ones had clinicals in one local area, but I can't find the document anymore...sorrry :-(

    I'm at VCU and it is working out well because so far all my clincals have been within 20 minutes of home...except one place which is like a 50 minute drive away. But you don't spend more than 6 weeks at one spot so I won't have to make that commute for long.
  10. by   perkizme
    Also, Univ. of Cincinnati- all clinical sites are within 20 min of school and most within 5min of the school (most hospitals are centrally located within the city of Cincinnati). We have many people in our class with families and children on the way. great program as well...
  11. by   BabiesRUs23
    AdonaiLoveable, could I please email you about VCU? I'm interested in CRNA school and have been looking there.
  12. by   canchaser
    Check into St Johns in Springfield, Mo. The clinicals are only at this hospital and it is really cheap because it is associated with the hosp. $5000 for the program in state and $10,000 for out of state people.