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I've been bitten by the CRNA bug and cannot get it off my mind. It's been my dream since I was in my 2nd semester if my 2d RN program and did my day in the OR. I understand-through research- the... Read More

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    Much appreciated folks. I've been trying to contact some schools recently and can NEVER seem to get anyone on the phone. Understandable seeing as they probably lecture but I just need to know EXACTLY how they configure gpa's so I can start taking classes now to correct what needs to be done. I've read some people mention talking to adcom's. is that some one I can ask to speak to directly?? Would they be willing to give out detailed information regarding admissions?

    Thanks for the encouragement. I really need it right now with my last OB test Monday, final Wednesday, and two mid terms tuesday
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    some schools will also either post or give out what the averages were for demographics on their last class - gpa, years experience, etc.

    Let your interactions now with schools give you a feel for how that school sees their students. Also do everything you can to talk to a current student or recent graduate.

    good luck!

    I'm going in with 3 kids this fall!