BSN vs RN-BSN degree for CRNA school

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    Hi everyone, can someone tell me if CRNA programs prefer you getting a straight BSN and if you bridged RN to BSN, will it look less competitive on the application?

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    Not a CRNA yet, but have done my fair share of research. It does not matter. What matters is the gpa you will have, your experience in the required setting (icu for most schools) and shadowing a CRNA before you apply.
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    I agree! They care about your numbers and how well you interview! I was a RN-BSN. I applied interviewed and was accepted. In the interview nothing was mentioned about how I obtained my BSN they just cared I had it. Good luck!
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    Thank you so much! So great to hear! I love this website I'm apply to two schools and was worried the bridge would look bad, great to know!
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    I went straight for my BSN, but many in my class got theirs online while working. I haven't heard of a program yet that actually cared where they obtained it from. I even have one in my class that interviewed and got accepted and wasn't even done w/ his BSN yet. He finished it right before we started our program.
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    Great info! Thanks so much
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    Great info, thanks! A straight BSN is my first choice and the bridge is my back up.
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    got in with rn-bsn

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