Barry University CRNA Starting January 2014 c/o 2016 - page 9

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Anyone waiting for an interview invitation for the CRNA class at Barry University that starts January 2014?... Read More

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    I thought about looking into this school. Does anyone have any other opinions on it?
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    I had a 3.5 cumulative GPA and took the transition to nurse anesthesia course online through Barry for my chemistry since you need to have taken chemistry within 5 years and I had it 8 years ago. I suggest taking it bc it's very similar to the chem class in the program. I had 3 years experience in med-surg where I was a charge nurse and preceptor. I have just about 2 years experience in ICU. I'm on 3 committees at work. I did fairly decent on GREs. I think a 550 on verbal and 530 on math. Nothing great. Pretty much the more you can put on your resume and application the better. Good luck RNKay!
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    Hi there,

    I was wondering for those of you who took the head start program for Barry (in August), how many of you feel like you could have studied for the CCRN, worked 3 days a week, and still successfully completed the head start courses? Is that too much to do at once or totally do-able if you manage your time? Is first semester way too much if you don't do the head start classes? Greatly appreciate any recommendations and help on this. Thanks!!!