Barry University CRNA Starting January 2014 c/o 2016 - page 9

Anyone waiting for an interview invitation for the CRNA class at Barry University that starts January 2014?... Read More

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    I thought about looking into this school. Does anyone have any other opinions on it?

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    I had a 3.5 cumulative GPA and took the transition to nurse anesthesia course online through Barry for my chemistry since you need to have taken chemistry within 5 years and I had it 8 years ago. I suggest taking it bc it's very similar to the chem class in the program. I had 3 years experience in med-surg where I was a charge nurse and preceptor. I have just about 2 years experience in ICU. I'm on 3 committees at work. I did fairly decent on GREs. I think a 550 on verbal and 530 on math. Nothing great. Pretty much the more you can put on your resume and application the better. Good luck RNKay!
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    Hi there,

    I was wondering for those of you who took the head start program for Barry (in August), how many of you feel like you could have studied for the CCRN, worked 3 days a week, and still successfully completed the head start courses? Is that too much to do at once or totally do-able if you manage your time? Is first semester way too much if you don't do the head start classes? Greatly appreciate any recommendations and help on this. Thanks!!!
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    More than a year later... Thanks Jaforlini!
    How are you liking Barry's program? How are you finding the classroom/clinical portions? Also, did anyone in your cohort/location apply before their full year of ICU experience that you know of?
    I will be applying for the class starting in 2016. I will have just a year experience in a med/surg ICU by the time applications are due (and almost 2 years by the start of the program), graduated valedictorian with my BSN with a GPA 3.8 (and 3.3 cumulative GPA before that), on two committees at work but haven't taken the GRE yet and not eligible for the CCRN until February. Soo we'll see how it goes!
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    Hi RNKay,

    I will be applying at Barry for Spring 2016 as well. I am studying for the GRE now and the CCRN. Good luck to you!

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