Barry University CRNA Starting January 2014 c/o 2016 - page 8

Anyone waiting for an interview invitation for the CRNA class at Barry University that starts January 2014?... Read More

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    I got accepted!!!

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    I was accepted too! So relieved! I thought I bombed the interview! Lol
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    Good job everybody that has been accepted! I have been except too, and am actually wondering if there is anybody who has gotten an interview that has not been excepted?
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    My friend that was actually there with me at the July interview did NOT get accepted!
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    I was there at the July interview, but have yet to receive an email? Is anyone in the same boat?
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    Carter.... Maybe they have your wrong email... Call them!
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    Quote from shani1541
    How long until you heard from them after the interview??
    1-2 weeks for a response by email. 3 weeks for the letter by mail.
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    For those of you that have been accepted, does it say on your "mybarry" student account online, "provisionally accepted"??
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    mybarry student account does say "provisionally accepted".. i need to send them proof of my FL license as soon as I receive it.. that process is taking a while
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    Hi everyone!
    Congratulations to all of those accepted into Barry's CRNA program!
    I am finishing my BSN this December and am set on becoming a CRNA in the future. I know I still have a while to go (need that ICU experience) but I am just curious as to what everyone's stats were? I want to make sure I can measure up before I apply. I might even take some more science classes while i'm working to boost my GPA and have a better understanding of chemistry/related sciences.

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