Barry University CRNA interview - page 3

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I have an interview with Barry University in Florida on May 11, 2009 for their CRNA program and I am extremely nervous and I really do not know what to expect. Has anyone gone through the interview process? What types of... Read More

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    I already am in the class now. They will give you a chemistry test and something about critical care quiz + interview. Very informal. Take it easy.
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    My interview with Barry is Feb. 1st. Can you remember any questions from the quiz they required you to take? You can email me at
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    hi guys.. thank you for this thread, very informative. yet am still nervous. i will have my interview on august 2 which is monday. i keep on reviewing my chemistry since the last time i had one was 6 years ago. any tips on how to prepare my self? help... heres my email add