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  1. by   TraumaRN95
    Oh! Organic or BioChemistry...I was just going to take General Chem or Chem for Health Sciences..I know they prefer the ones you mentioned as per the webinar.
    Taking the GRE again gives me so much anxiety as I really studied for that exam for 8 weeks relearning high school concepts I totally forgot...just the thought of doing that again! I was hoping everything else will outweigh my lower GRE scores?
  2. by   aspiringcrna11287
    I know exactly how you feel. I took the GRE last year and got a 297 ; I feel at the end of the day they look at the application as a whole and last year if it was just the GRE holding candidates back they asked them to retake it after the interview. I took a gen chem class with lab as I was out of school 10 years ago. Have you guys seen the personal statement question ? I felt like question 2 and 3 are the same asking for the role of nurse anesthetists. is it just me or do you guys feel it is a repetition of the same question