Bachelors in psych accepted by CRNA schools? Bachelors in psych accepted by CRNA schools? | allnurses

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Bachelors in psych accepted by CRNA schools?

  1. 0 I'm looking to complete my bachelor's in psychology because it's always been a passion of mine. But is this going to be acceptable when I try to get into a CRNA program??
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    Maybe? It is better and more clinical than my business bachelor's and I got accepted into 2 schools. Obviously, a BSN is more competitive and better for you, but I didn't want to spend the extra time and money on a BSN. I felt that my strong science GPA, GRE score, work experience, blah, blah, etc... would help me apply to CRNA schools - and it did. NOTE however, about <10% CRNA schools accept a nonBSN and you better believe that I applied to them all. Graduate school applications can be expensive, but they were cheaper than the time and money involved in upgrading my Diploma RN to a BSN. Plus, I saved myself the headache of drudging through Nursing theory. God Bless you Dorothea Orem, but my theory on Self-Care is not wasting my time doing extra work when I can get in school with a nonBSN.

    Again, NOTE: I have nothing but respect for BSNs, but I didn't have the time, money, or desire for it.
    I wish you the best of luck. If you apply to CRNA school as a nonBSN, make sure all your other STATS are excellent.
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    Just out of curiosity, which schools accepted you into a CRNA program without a BSN or CC experience, if you don't mind sharing? I find that very odd.
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    jemmens. I sent you a PM.
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    please can you PM me too? pretty please
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    I tried to send you a PM, but couldn't due to technical difficulties. Anyways, there are a little over 100 CRNA schools and only about 10 will accept nonBSNs. Research the independent schools that are not under a university nursing program. These programs may tend to offer a MSNA- Masters in Nursing Anesthesia vs an MSN with a focus in anesthesia. Both degrees will allow you to sit for the board exam and become a CRNA. Good luck to you.
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    hmm... i think i'd prefer to have a MSNA over an MSN. I'll have to make sure i do some more research. I know i was interested in staying in ny (born and raised) so Columbia is my top choice as of right now (despite the high cost!) Anyway, thanks for your help and information about the BSN. I actually just got accepted to a BSN program for this fall, and because i dont have a degree in nursing yet it's the perfect option for me. I'm completely skipping the associate's and going right for the gold! Hopefully it will help me get into critical care right after graduation.
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    Congrats Luciddreeams! Definitely the BSN is the way to go because it increases your odds. I didn't do it to save time, money, etc. I wish continued luck to you. I have started my program and should be done in 2.5 years. Stay in contact and you can shadow me anytime if I decide to practice at a hospital near you.