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  1. 0 Does anyone know anything about Arkansas State CRNA school? I am really interested in this program and I was looking for some feedback about average GPA, experience, etc? Any help would be great!
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    Are you still looking at Arkansas State?
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    I am if you have any information. I've called Amanda waters there several times an got blown off so I've given up for the time being
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    I've heard great things about this program. Clinicals are diverse and all local. The 2 people I know who went there practice in sole-provider practices and are very competent providers.
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    Good to hear Oscar, thanks or sharing. I'm in my obstetric rotation right now and some SRNA from that school was doing epidural. Blew my mind lol
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    I have applied. I am supposed to be hearing any day if/when I will be interviewing. The one thing I need to get an answer on is their CSC certification requirement. I have CCRN, but you can only do CSC after working X amount of hours with post-cardiac surgery pt's. How can they accept other ICU experience then?
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    I got an email from Arkansas. The interviews have been delayed until May.