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Applying to KPSAN, anyone applying for fall 2013 - page 6

Hello everyone!! I am starting my journey in applying into the CRNA program. My dream school is CSUF, KPSAN, isn't everyone's for Angelenos? I am asking what to expect in my journey. I hope... Read More

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    I am looking to apply to KPSAN in the near future. I was wondering what everyone's stats are. I just like to plan things out and be prepared. Thanks and congrats.
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    thank you everyone for your helpful comments!
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    I just entered the forum, I know this has been posted a few months but if you reply great! So how did the interview go?
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    I actually go to the KPAT program and receive the same lectures from the CRNA's. Great program. Their program director, Michael, is awesome and he is also in charge of our program. I have worked with the SRNA's at my rotation sites and they shadow other CRNA's. From what I have heard from the SRNA's, the program is intense. Everything from oral boards to long hours in the OR. I know in the near the future it is changing to a three year program, so hopefully that takes down the intensity of it being crammed into two years. Hope this helps and good luck!