Applying to KPSAN, anyone applying for fall 2013 - page 6

Hello everyone!! I am starting my journey in applying into the CRNA program. My dream school is CSUF, KPSAN, isn't everyone's for Angelenos? I am asking what to expect in my journey. I hope anybody can help me and help each... Read More

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    Hey Jake- just sent you a private message. Please let me know if you did not receive it. Thanks! And congrats, sounds like you did great!

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    How did everyone's interview go?!? Decisions should be out in the next 10 days!
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    I think it went ok. The group interview was a surprise. Anyhow, I'm just nervously waiting.
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    Hey my good friend interviewed for kaiser last week. She said it wasnt what she expected. Are they done with interviews?
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    Yes, they are done with interviews. We'll know soon.
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    What do you think they were looking for in the group part?
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    They said they were looking for someone who can work with others. In the past there have been people that were far too type A who screamed and yelled at others on a whim. Not really appropriate in an OR.
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    Anyone hear from the school yet?
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    Nope. Based on years past they usually send out notifications in the next week our so.
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    what'd they tell y'all about decisions? i was under the impression a week from wednesday.

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