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Hello everyone!! I am starting my journey in applying into the CRNA program. My dream school is CSUF, KPSAN, isn't everyone's for Angelenos? I am asking what to expect in my journey. I hope anybody can help me and help each... Read More

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    Quote from jakeb
    I recieved an email for interview today! oh my goodness super excited!
    Congrats!! Good luck in the interviews! Btw, is your last name happens to be early I'm the alphabet?? I haven't gotten an email. I don't think I got an interview. I'll wait for tomorrow. Congrats again!!!

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    I got an invite for interview too!!! I set my expectation pretty low this year. I was not expecting this. Not sure if should be happy. I feel more nervous now!
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    Congrats! When did you get it?
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    Got an email at 8:15
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    Congratz to all! No e-mail so I guess it's a no go this year =(
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    I called today and was told my file was complete. When I asked if she had any ideas when interviews were going to be scheduled, her response was that they were going to be sending that information out in the next couple of weeks. Well, after being on this forum, i already know that they have already started scheduling interviews so that means I am not a candidate. Best wishes to all of you who landed an interview. I pray you get in, do well and become CRNA's!!!
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    Out of curiosity did you call Kaiser or CSUF?
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    Congrats everyone! I didn't get an email either. Nail the interviews, good luck!!!
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    I just got my rejection letter from kaiser. Good luck everyone who got an interview! Now I can go to the school that accepted me which is my first choice. Keep trying guys!
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    I just spoke with Kaiser and they informed me that they had over 700 applicants this year.... All the emails were sent out today (yay or nay) and it may take a day or two for them all to "go through". This was an incredibly competitive applicant pool they said. Congratulations to those who were invited to interview.

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