Apply now or later?

  1. Hey everyone. I live in the Philadelphia area and will be applying to at least 4 anesthesia programs. One thing that I am struggling with that I'd like everyone's help on is to apply now or later. If I apply now, I would be applying for a class/cohort that starts in 2016 and will have a little over 2 years in critical care and will have obtained my BSN as well.

    I am considering applying later in order to get CCRN certified, which is NOT a requirement for any of these programs. I would want to get my CCRN to look that much more competitive and for personal achievement for passing a difficult exam.

    My question is: do I apply now with all of the application requirements met and having one aspect that makes me "stand out" (my military service). OR, do I apply a year from now and try to get that CCRN?
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  3. by   ckh23
    I would say apply now, but still get your CCRN. Also make sure they will even look at your application if you don't have the minimum ICU experience when you apply because some programs will not look at your application and keep the ap fee if you do not have the minimum experience at time of application.
  4. by   missnurse01
    Also in your statement to them, make sure you list that you are planning on completing your ccrn as well as any other classes you plan to take between now and when you enroll.
  5. by   AlphaAgonist
    Truth is the CCRN is not as hard as people make it out to be. Take the CCRN. There will be plenty of people going the extra mile because they are hungry for this opportunity. Don't be the type who puts it in your letter or mentions your "plans" to take it during the interview the ad com can see right through it. It's just an excuse and you would better off not mentioning it at all unless they ask. Just take the test your 2 years critical care experience should be sufficient to pass. Study up on pharm moa, patho, hemodynamics and labs and take it.
  6. by   AA012
    I took the ccrn and passed! Waiting to hear back from Drexel Thanks guys