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Good luck to you folks interviewing at Samford today. I am sure I will run into some of you on the circuit in the next few months.... Read More

  1. by   gatormac2112
    Quote from badgernurse
    Phish, was this your first time applying to both programs?
    Don't ask won't like his answer which I know happens to be a yes.

    All that didn't get accepted, I know you won't give up. The process of getting accepted is largely a crap-shoot I believe. The applicants that get an interview are all worthy and only a few really stand out as exceptional applicants. Knowing this, the selection committee usually will accept someone on their third try....I have heard of alot of people getting in on their third try, even some friends of mine. I haven't heard of anyone getting accepted beyond that, so I think 3 times is the charm generally.

    I must be the only person that didn't have to play operation. It was there on the desk, but he didn't make me play. I did write a novel as to why I stood out, but I think what I wrote was pretty lame so I don't think that had any great bearing on my selection.

    A crap shoot I tell you. Good luck to you all next year.
  2. by   Phishininau
    Indeed I consider myself really lucky. It was my first attempt at either school. I am not sure why I stood out, but I am really thankful that I did. This adventure couldnt have possibly come at a better time for me personally.
  3. by   UAB2006
    I had heard about the operation game, but didnt get to play....Not that I am heart broke. This was my first application/interview. I was really expecting to have another go at it, but am thankful I am in.
  4. by   icurn1115
    Here is a question for all of those that have been accepted. How many years of "CURRENT" icu experience do each of you have? (Current is defined as consecutive years from the time of your interview backwards.) I am being told that they only recognize "current" experience and that experience more than 3-5 years ago is not counted due to the many changes that have occurred.
  5. by   da-redhead
    I wasn't accepted, but I spoke with Ms. Wright in August to see if my ICU experience was acceptable (1996-98). She said that is was, however an applicant with more recent ICU experience would be chosen before me. She suggested that I pick up some flexi shifts in CCU/ICU to update my experience. I took a flexi job in CCU in September so I could put that on my application. During one of my interviews (not with Ms. Wright) it was suggested that I quit my job that I have now and go to work in a SICU or a CSICU, where I would work with post-surgical patients. So I guess CCU wasn't a good choice. I plan to take Microbiology over and go to work probably in an SICU (I don't work full time now, so I will do part time or flexi), and apply again next year.