Anyone going to Union DNP August 2013? - page 2

Just wondering if anyone else will be attending Union with me? Not sure how many were accepted.... Read More

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    Oh wow. This is going to be the longest 2 weeks of my life..

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    Alright. A VERY important question if you have time I would really appreciate it. Did they look at last 60 hours, or cumulative when considering your gpa?
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    I am not sure about that. I have MSN and they based it from there.
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    I got the call from Prof Foster. I am starting this August! I interviewed Friday last week. Got the call 5 days after.
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    Congratulations friend. I hope to be entering the year you are graduating. Good luck!!
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    Thanks. Follow your dreams!
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    I'm starting Union in August. Has anyone that's gotten in heard anything? I've paid the deposit and started all of the loan process, but was told we won't hear anything until mid-late April.
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    We got an email last week about our name badges. Haven't gotten the packet yet.
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    I'm stalking our postman. lol... hopefully we get them pack soon.

    @stacey: there's FB group for our class. search: union university nurse anesthesia DNP class 2016. Meet almost half of the class there.

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