Anyone going to Union DNP August 2013?

  1. Just wondering if anyone else will be attending Union with me? Not sure how many were accepted.
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  3. by   EyesOnPrize
    How long is the program?
  4. by   RNtrauma07
    I just sent the application today. Deadline is March 1st. How long did you wait til you get notification for interview? how many students are they taking in?
    How did the interview go?

  5. by   gobluern
    I'm pretty sure it was only around 2 weeks or so. Idk how many they are taking. The interview is really laid back. Mostly get to know you typed of questions. The only clinical questions were really just what kind of patients you had and drips you used.
  6. by   RNtrauma07
    Gobluern: i got your PM. Thank you. Im giving my 101% best. I will keep you updated.
  7. by   JUSTanLPN
    Union university in Jackson Tennessee?
  8. by   RNtrauma07
    @JUSTanLPN: yes. UU at Jackson TN

    @gobluern: The interview was more of personally stuff. They only asked me 2 clinical questions (about my specialty). Result will be in 2 weeks.
  9. by   gobluern
    Well good luck. If you are accepted they will call you. Hope to see you in August!!
  10. by   RNtrauma07
    Thank you! Yeah, I hope so too.

    Was it Dr. Wright who called or the secretary?? How many days after interview did they call you?
  11. by   gobluern
    Prof. Yearwood called me. It was 2 weeks after on a Tuesday at about 3:30 (it was kind of a big deal for me).
  12. by   RNtrauma07
    Oh wow. This is going to be the longest 2 weeks of my life..
  13. by   JUSTanLPN
    Alright. A VERY important question if you have time I would really appreciate it. Did they look at last 60 hours, or cumulative when considering your gpa?
  14. by   RNtrauma07
    I am not sure about that. I have MSN and they based it from there.