Anybody get in at University of Tennessee Chattanooga for 2011

  1. 0 I was just wondering how many have heard back from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga CRNA program. They just held the interviews. How many did they take for the next years class? I am an alternate and sweating bullets for a spot...
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    hi! I applied, got in, yipee!!! But I am going to decline, hopefully that will open up a seat for you!
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    I got in!
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    I got in! Hopefully a spot will open up for you!
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    packerbacker i sent you a pm.
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    Quote from PackerBackerRN
    I got in!
    Hello I am very interested in CRNA. What was the lowest gpa of the student accepted in your class? Did everyone graduate that were accepted in the program? Were the teachers positive and helpful? How were the clinical sites and clinical instructors? Thank you so much. What is the best way to contact you I would really enjoy speaking with you.
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    Does anyone know what student nurse anesthetist are doing for finances while in school in addition to loans?
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    1 can PM me and I'll answer your questions. I have no idea what the lowest GPA was. I actually don't know anyone's GPA. Just never asked. I can tell you it is a GREAT school, and the faculty is outstanding.
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