Any University of Cincinnati students here?

  1. Hey everyone! I am just starting nursing school, but I plan on becoming a CRNA at some point. I've been looking into the University of Cincinnati's program (in Ohio), and it seems really good. Are there any UC students here who can share some insight into the program? Do you like it? How difficult was it to get in? What type of ICU experience did you have before applying? What don't you like about the program? Thank you so much in advance for all replies!!

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  3. by   perkizme
    I just got accepted and don't start until 2009 however I can tell you there is lots of great info on their college of nursing website about requirements and clinical sites and the curriculum. They also offer info sessions usu twice a year (look for the next one around April) where the director of the program and current students give a great overview of the program, what's expected and the application process- if you're not local I think you can access this via webcast.

    Personally I heard it was fairly competitive this year - but when is applying to anesthesia school NOT competitive?! I have CCU and MICU experience at a level 1 trauma center. It would also help you to become involved in RN extra-curriculars (i.e. hospital committees, etc.). When you go to sell yourself to interviewers, you'll need some great experiences to back you up (make you more competitive). Shadow, shadow, shadow!! I was able to shadow a CRNA who happened to have a SRNA with her and got to see nsg anesth from the student's perspective also. Check into multiple CRNA schools- most people apply to more than 1 program. If you're looking into the cincinnati area specifically, there is also a satellite program through Texas Wesleyan. Hope this helps some... Good luck to you in your career!
  4. by   Hematoma29
    The UC program is a great program. The clinical area is busy and full of situations that set the student up to succeed. I am a current student and at times question whether I can make it through. Then I am in clinical and something clicks and I think wow I did learn something and I can do this. So in final the UC is a great program. A great place to learn and I would never trade the lost sleep or think of being anywhere else.
  5. by   Bradboy90
    Hey Hematoma29, thanks for the info. However, I will be starting in September with Perkizme and I was just wondering if you or other current U of Cincinnati students could answer some questions. First, how exactly is the program structured? I know we will be in the OR once a week to "observe," but is there more to it than we get to participate? Also, do we get experience with much trauma/emergency situations/codes? Are all of the clinical sites mandatory, or do we get the opportunity to pick and choose some? Only a few months before we start, looking forward to meeting everyone and getting started. Thanks for your responses!
  6. by   tfranklin166
    I am going to be starting at UC in the fall of 2009 and I also have some of the same questions about what to expect when I start school. Any wisdom would be appriciated!
  7. by   Bradboy90
    Hello tfranklin166! I can't wait to meet everyone in the fall. However, just to let you know, I have been informed that we will be assigned a mentor from the class ahead of us within the next month or so. This will give us an opportunity to have some questions answered and ease our nerves a bit (or make it worse). Are you a Cincinnati local or will you be relocating? I am from the Dayton area, however I am currently living in Northern CA.
  8. by   tfranklin166
    I haven't heard anything from UC since I signed the forms to accept the spot...other than the email I just got last night about my financial aid package. So it's good to know that we should be hearing from someone did you hear about the mentors? I grew up in the Cincinnati area (Fairfield Twp, if you are familiar with the suburbs there) and I currently live in Columbus. I will be moving back to Cincinnati in August.
  9. by   perkizme
    Hey guys~ I agree with yous, getting accepted early and waiting all this time makes me kind of nervous, no - a LOT nervous. I just want it to start already! I also have not heard anything about anything yet - still waiting on my financial aid info (thats the scariest part for me at this point). You guys can PM me if you're on facebook - I'll add ya as friends. I think this whole mentor thing would be good - hadnt heard about that.
  10. by   Quiet1
    Hey there!

    Congrats on being accepted. You WILL NOT regret your decision. UC is an excellent program and you will be very glad you chose this program. The mentor thing is wonderful. You can ask any questions you might have and a student who was in your very shoes not too long ago can answer them, or at least point you in the right direction.

    I know it seems like there is (or should be) something that you could be doing right now. There probably isn't. Enjoy your family, take time for yourself, and relax. Things do fall into place. When school starts, you will not have much time for things outside of school. Enjoy these things now.

    You have made a very good choice in your life (though come October you may not still think so). You will make it through, but I can't stress enough the need for you to take extra time now and spend it with those that matter to you. In September, you might not see too much of them. You will be spending A LOT of time with your newly found friends in anesthesia class (and you will find friends!).

    Happy day to all of you!
  11. by   Quiet1
    I just realized that I did not answer some of the questions people asked that I do know the answers to. So here goes. I hope what I have to say is helpful.

    You will get to observe in the OR a couple of times during Fall. Some people participate more than others. This is dependent on you and the RNSA/CRNA you are with. Either way, you learn from the experience. I don't remember how many times you go to observe in Fall, but you will be spending time in the OR on Saturdays and Sundays with your new friends learning the machine inside and out. I suggest doing this a lot! The last week of Fall was mostly in the OR. Winter brings a lot more experience in the OR. Fall is mostly getting you to a point where you can be safe on the OR as a RNSA (RNSA is UC's term for SRNA).

    Classes are pretty much every day, all day. Anesthesia class will be 8 hours a day for the first three weeks or so, until the college of nursing classes start. It seems like there is a tiny bit of a reprieve at this point. You will get the occasional day off (college holidays), and sometimes your classes will get done early (sometimes even an hour seems like a vacation!). Sometimes you might have a weekday off because you have class on Saturday. Plan on spending a couple of hours on Saturday or Sunday in the OR (every weekend is a good plan) learning the machine. The weekend stuff was news to me!

    The CON classes are once a week, and Assessment has a lab. You will not usually have anesthesia class on these days. This is not always true, but it seems to me that the days were a tiny bit shorter on Assessment and Physio days. Of course things can always change from year to year.

    You will want to think about study groups. I was never a group study person, but I never would have made it successfully through Fall without my study group! You will have tests every couple of days for a while, and the support you get from your group is incredibly valuable! You may be able to do it alone, but I do suggest giving the group thing a try.

    I hope I have been helpful. If tyhere are any more questions that I can answer, I will surely try.

    Happy Day!!
  12. by   Bradboy90
    Hey Perkizme, I cannot send PMs yet on here. If you are able, just send me a PM with your info so I can find you on facebook. Same for you tfranklin166 if you have facebook.
  13. by   Bradboy90
    Thanks for the great info. Now I am even more excited than before! It sounds like there is great opportunity for additional learning time. Can't wait to start!!
  14. by   tfranklin166
    I am also unable to send PM's on here. I'm on facebook, you can look me up and friend me.
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