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I'm hoping someone here has some advice they might be able to share with me. I'm planning on applying to school in the fall. Unfortunately, my sciences are now over 10 years old so I decided to do UNE's online organic chemistry... Read More

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    I am also currently in this class and majorly struggling. Anyone have any ideas on how to study for the final? I have emailed the professor and he hasn't been very helpful at all.

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    I took both organic I and II from UNE just last year (finished II in November). Within 2 weeks of taking the organic I final, they changed the whole test because one of my fellow "classmates" kept talking about exchanging quiz answers to compile a database of questions- DO NOT GET suckered into this! The final, for me at least, was nothing like most of the quiz questions were, definitely not identical enough to count on them to help you pass.
    I ended up with a C in the course, and honestly, was happy with it~ if you do have to take organic II, it was a different instructor and I scored an A-.
    Good luck and FYI- I am starting a CRNA program in 4 weeks, so a C shouldn't keep you out.
    Take care!
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    UNE is very difficult and takes a lot of time. I heard Khan academy is a good secondary source.
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    I'm currently in UNE's organic chem 1 online class. It has been nothing but a nightmare. Its the prerequisite to a class I need in the fall and I'm running out of time to finish this course. I currently have a few more chapters to read, and then the daunting final that I have been fearing most. I really need to pass this class, otherwise my entire fall semester courses will change and I will be forced to graduate a whole year late! I feel like I understand the material as I am reading the chapters, and then I go to take the quiz and am completely lost. I was banking on the idea of a "curve" ... well I had a friend I met through this class. She took the final, and the curve only added five points to her grade and she failed the course. From people who have taken this class and the final, how do I study? How can I ensure that I pass? I am completely freaking out. I can't believe I paid close to $1,500 for a class I may end up failing. At this point, I would be happy with a C. Tips? Advice? HELP!!
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    I have to agree...this class is a complete nightmare! The quizzes are nothing like what is covered in the book. I find myself using google to search for answers all the time. I have emailed the professor looking for some direction and have been nothing but disappointed with his slow unhelpful responses!! I can't believe I paid $1500 for a class that you may as well title "teach yourself organic chem" in taking the final soon...yikes!!
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    Has anyone who has taken the final have advice on what to study an how to pass it? At this point I would be happy with a C. Are you through all the chapters yet? I'm on chapter 15, we should keep in touch through this process
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    I'm preparing for the final now although im not even sure how you prepare given the quiz questions aren't covered anywhere in the text book! PM me
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    I'm new to this website! Not sure how to PM you, here's my email:
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    Hi I as well am taking O Chem I at UNE. Im on CH 5 and Im finding it very difficult as well. Ive been using youtube especially Khan academy to help out with things but its been very hard for me. I feel like its taking days just to get through chapters. Please please please if anyone has any tips IE. supplemental books, websites, tutors please please let me know. I want to do pass in this class I dont think ive ever worked so hard in my life. I live in NYC so if anyone knows any tutors here itd be great. Im also freaking out about the final and would like to know some insight about. I appreciate any info u can give me.
    Happy thanksgiving everyone!
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    Hi BX RN you seem to know alot about une o chem. I would love it if you could help me at all im on ch5 and its taking me a week 1/2 per chapter and i dont think i have a great hold on it yet.. any help would be great. thanks sooo very much!

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