Any St. Elizabeth CRNA students or applicants?Interview questions

  1. 0 Ok, I have an interview coming up soon, can anyone help a girl out and let me know what to expect? I had a interview at Allegheny Valley/ LaRoche recently, and it was the worst interview experience of my LIFE!

    thanks so much!!
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    I have a couple of co-workers that applied there. One was accepted. All the applicants said the same thing. You have a hard test prior to the interview...mostly abg interpretation. Then, they laugh and giggle as they are grading it in front of you. They do ask clinical type questions and make you feel like an idiot whne you don't get it right. The one guy that got accepted was thinking of quiting after a few month. He said they treat their student like dirt. They are not supportive at all. I would looka t another school. If you really reaserch this site, you will find similar post. Good luck!!!
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    How did the interview go?
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    wow sehc is on my short list! Altho there isn't a ton of info on the school out there what I have seen is positive, as well as them having good clinicals.

    nice to see someone posting about it and hope you tell of your interview experience!

    good luck!

    you applying for 2013?
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    Sorry to hear about your allegheny interview. Can you elaborate as to what made it a bad interview? Thanks

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