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Any graduates take Boards recently? I am just starting the big time study haul... Took Valley and am using Core Concepts exams/Prodigy. I am also reading M&M... any thoughts? Thanks for all your help!... Read More

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    I dont know about other programs, but mine changed their testing format when they learned of the new NBE format, so we got tests with "multiple correct" answers, not spots, labeling, etc. for about the last year of the program....hopefully being used to that format will help me out......I plan on taking boards the middle of June.

    Good Luck Cyclic AMP!!!

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    Just as an update. I studied only Valley for board preparation. I took my board exam this past Friday........and PASSED!!! Woohoo, the next time I deliver anesthesia, I'll be getting paid.

    Good Luck to everyone preparing for the big test!!!!
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